Planning Issues
Written by Tony Gray   
Monday, 13 July 2009 10:45

Planning Issues

A reminder that the new Concessional Contribution rules are now in place, limiting the maximum contribution to superannuation (where a tax deduction is claimed, or the contribution is made by an entity on your behalf) to $50,000 for those aged 50 or over and $25,000 for those aged under 50.  The limit will fall to $25,000 for everyone after June 2012.
It is very important to not exceed the Concession Contribution cap, since apart from the standard 15% contributions tax, an additional 31.5% tax will apply on the excess - making total tax equivalent to the top marginal rate of tax (46.5%).  Excess contributions will also count towards the Non Concessional Contribution cap (where no tax deduction is claimed), which remains $150,000 per annum.  Those who exceed both the Concessional and Non-concessional caps may be taxed at an effective tax rate of 93% - so extreme caution is necessary and reviewing salary sacrifice arrangements early in the financial year recommended.  

Also a reminder that fringe benefits, "investment losses" (i.e. negative gearing expenses) and superannuation contributions above the SGC rate are now counted towards income when calculating entitlement to the co-contribution benefit and family tax benefits.

Please treat the above comments as general in nature, with no action to occur in reliance without first seeking advice personal to your position.

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