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Personal Advice

TG Financial are not presently accepting new Personal Advice Clients.

Personal Advice involves collection of relevant information that allows us to make recommendations that are in your best interests. Personal Advice can be very broad, such as considering your entire financial position; or you may ask us to scale the advice to a particular aspect of your financial position. For example, to provide advice to you as the trustee and member of a self-managed super fund.

Personal Advice might relate to one-off strategic financial planning, or it may involve retaining us to provide ongoing advice. Typically, we are retained to provide ongoing Personal Advice where there is more engagement on your part as an investor. We spend a lot of time on the investment approach that best suits you.

We prepare a written Statement of Advice that sets out your relevant circumstances, goals and the outcomes we expect from our advice. We may set out investment recommendations in this document, but for direct (individually managed) portfolios, we believe these are dynamic and are best developed over time.

We apply an agreed fee (not a percentage) when retained to provide ongoing advice. If the advice is more in the nature of strategic ‘one-off’ advice, then we will discuss and agree on a fee before any work is undertaken.

Wholesale Advice

For investors who meet the definition of a Wholesale Investor (e.g. income of greater than $250,000 p.a. for the past 2 years, or more than $2.5 million in financial assets) then you can retain us to provide active monitoring and recommendations for a portfolio.

General Advice

General Advice is defined by legislation and allows us to provide advice that relates to a particular investment or security but does not take into account your overall position or goals (and hence may not be in your best interest). We do not charge any ongoing fees for clients who wish to have a share portfolio linked to TG Financial and merely want a sounding board – be that on a corporate offer, advice on an existing asset or asking our opinion on a potential investment.

We apply brokerage when buying and selling shares for General Advice. We do caution that clients seeking General Advice may need to wait on occasion, as we are obliged to first provide advice to those who retain us to be available (i.e. Personal or Wholesale Advice).


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