For most people, after their home, superannuation is usually their largest asset.

There are some pitfalls to be aware of, such as unexpected tax consequences on death, high management and/or investment fees; as well as opportunities to benefit you, such as tax benefits on contributions or with pension strategies.

We can assess if your current approach is right for you, or if there are alternatives that better suit your position using our knowledge and expertise in this area.

We are not tied to any superannuation product provider or fund manager which means we can recommend the approach best suited to you – which might range from an industry fund, retail (public offer) fund, ‘wrap’ account or a self-managed super fund – whatever is in your best interest.

TG Financial have qualified advisers that can provide advice and options on what is in your best interest, as we receive no benefit from recommending one superannuation fund (or product) over another.

For clients that want to be involved in the buying and selling of assets, we can provide advice on individually managed accounts, where assets are chosen to specifically meet your goals with an investment portfolio unique to you.

For clients that do not want to be fully involved in the selection of investments for their superannuation, we can provide advice on separately managed accounts, managed funds, exchange traded funds as well as direct assets in a ‘wrap’ type structure, where we are able to provide advice on positioning the portfolio in times of opportunity and in times of risk.

We can provide advice on a range of superannuation fund options, including:

We have access to a broad range of superannuation, SMSF and investment solutions; online portfolio management tools; reporting and competitive pricing to allow you to maximise your retirement.

Superannuation is a tax-effective structure to save for retirement.

We believe that fees and costs matter, with the platforms/funds we recommend having very competitive administration fees. As we are not tied to any superannuation fund provider, we will recommend a provider that best suits your position.

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