Insurance Advice

Insurance is one of the expenses that we do not like paying but are glad when we need it. Most people insure their home and contents, their cars and health, but what about the person that earns the income….are they insured?

There are many types of insurance and it is there in case something goes wrong. You can cover the risk by taking out an insurance policy or by self-insuring, where you have enough money and resources to pay for any loss yourself.

Not being tied to any insurance company or fund manager we can review your insurance policy and provide advice on what we think is in your best interest.

We can provide advice to individuals, as well as companies/businesses (e.g. keyman/buy-sell cover), and because we do not accept any commissions, you will find the insurance premiums quoted are very competitive and usually less than others that receive commissions.

Some Types Of Insurance Cover That We Provide Advice On Include:

  • Life insurance
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) insurance
  • Income Protection insurance
  • Business Overheads insurance
  • Trauma insurance

Insurance is like a parachute… you may not want it, but you may need it!

Need Insurance or want a second opinion?

If you think you need insurance, want a quote or wish to review your existing cover please contact us.



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